Ike Gave Himself a Spa Treatment

001This is what I saw when I arrived at the barn earlier this week.  And yes, the other side was just as lovely…really Ike?  Maybe he thought it was a spa treatment.  Yeah, right.  More than likely, he had a tantrum when the rain showers arrived and threw himself on the ground since his highness does not like to get wet.  By the time he was clean, I had a layer of grime and gritty teeth.  Pretty.

We have our ride times for this weekend’s dressage show.  Luckily there will be no 4:00 a.m. alarms.  First ride on Saturday is not until 3:26 and second ride is at 5:07.  It is a good thing that I ride after work so big man is accustomed to later day workouts.  Sunday times are 1:15 and 3:16.  Getting only one lesson in before the weekend, but thankfully Ms. C will be joining us on Saturday to school us to perfection (I hope).


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