Rain Goggles

Another fabulous photo by High Time Photography, Winston-Salem, NC (http://www.hightimephotos.com/Site-Customization/Home-Page/15032012_qCG7Y) Might as well use their quality work over my amateur photography skills 🙂

Sigh, so it was my first day back at the barn after vacation and the rain from yesterday decides to stick around.  Really?  It wasn’t a downpour, but if you were out in it long enough, you were going to get wet.  Mr. Wussy was already back in his stall because of the rain.  I really think he was happy to see me.  If I would turn my back on him to talk to Mr. D, Ike would try to nudge me or paw the ground or nuzzle me with his horse lips – “Mom, pay attention to me!!”  Since it was raining, I spent some time playing beauty school with Ike’s mane and tail.  While the upcoming show is just a schooling show, my pride will not allow us to show up with a wild man mane and a tangled tail.  Heck, I might as well admit that I will probably braid his mane for the schooling show…my anal retentive tendencies just won’t be squelched.

After beauty school, the rain let up enough that I decided to tack up and try to ride.  I always feel a bit awkward after a week out of the saddle.  But, just like riding a bike, you get back into the rhythm quickly.  Ike did try to test me as we were doing some simple walk-halt transitions.  He’s four, so why not see what you can get away with.  Will she correct me?  Or will this be the day I am triumphant?  Well, this was not Ike’s day.  No time for games – we have only 7 days to prepare for our two Training Level tests, one of which I’m still trying to remember.  After Ike gave up on the games, we had some solid work.  Tried to get a decent bend on our trot circles – I have a tendency to overbend Ike’s neck – don’t realize I’m doing it until Ms. C points it out or I see a photo of us on the circle.  Canter transitions, balance, and rhythm were Training Level quality.  Now the next step is obtaining it at a show.  After only 30 minutes the rain returned and I figured out why jockeys wear multiple pairs of goggles.  My glasses were so wet that it was difficult to see; I needed rain goggles with wipers if I wanted to continue.  Oh well, 30 minutes is always better than no minutes in the saddle.


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